Design Services

Design@27 is a full service design firm available to you through Schreiter's. 

Offering a variety of services to meet your needs, we believe interior design is about more
than just aesthetics. Let our design team find creative solutions for your space by carefully
considering form and function. After all, every piece must serve a purpose. 

Whether you’re starting a project, are midway through or are looking for help to finish,
Design@27 can help.

Services for residential and commercial application include:

Identify your needs and goals

Project management (budgeting, schedules etc.)

Develop design concepts and present recommendations.

    • Floor plan and furniture arrangement

    • Furniture, finishes and materials selection

    • Colour consultations

    • Design and development of custom furnishings

    • Storage solutions

    • Lighting layouts and window treatments

Assisted shopping trips for all home decor needs

Accessorizing and finishing touches

Decorating Fee: $75.00 / hour + HST
*Note: consultations outside of Kitchener and Waterloo, the hourly rate commences from the time we leave the store